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LA County Arrest Records

The California State Public Records Act confers the statutory right on residents to inspect information maintained by state agencies. However, only limited access is granted to arrest records kept by law enforcement and the Department of Justice. LA County arrest records refer to all information held by justice agencies on warrants issued and executed in the area. Not only do police have the details on all active arrest warrants issued in the county, but also all arrests made under the provision of these orders.

Pursuant to Sections 6250 and 6254 of the California General Code, only certain private agencies and employers, law enforcement, regulatory entities, and victims of the crime are allowed to access criminal history information in the state and in Los Angeles County. This means that while you get information on your own records of arrests from LA County, you cannot request similar information on a person you know personally or professionally.

Who can access arrest records in LA County?

Apart from members of the local law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies like those that issue licenses for firearms etc., only the victim of the crime, the individual who is directly involved in the act, and certain employers are allowed to request a criminal background check. Authorized employers in accordance to California statutes include only those establishments that offer care to children, seniors, and otherwise disabled individuals. However, unless a firm/company falls in this category, the California Labor Code, Sec 432.7 expressly states that a potential employer cannot ask a job applicant to reveal any information pertaining to a criminal matter that did not result in a conviction.

Finding LA County arrest logs

If you are looking for personal arrest records logs from LA County, there are several sources of information. To begin with, you can start at the local sheriff’s office, which is located at 4700 Ramona Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754. However, if there is an outstanding warrant in the name of the applicant, he/she will be arrested on the spot. In fact, approaching any government agency for details of arrests will result in the person being taken into custody if there is an arrest order out against him.

For victims of crime and their representatives, the Records and Identification Division of the Los Angeles Police Department can help with all information pertaining to a specific case. To request such information, you will have to send in a money order or a check of $23 payable to the LAPD. This amount goes towards the search and dissemination of the records, and hence it is a non-refundable fee.

To access LA county arrest records, you will need to offer identifier information on the subject of your inquiry, such as the name, address, gender, and the name of the victim in a case, etc. If you are looking for this data on behalf of an insurance company, you will also have to provide the claim or policy number. Attorneys requesting this information will have to produce a release from the victim.

In case of specific criminal matters, it would also be advisable to furnish the type of report that is being requested; for instance, robbery, homicide, assault, etc, along with the date and location of the crime and the case or report number, if available. If this information is being sought on behalf of minor victims, the applicant will have to provide proof of a relationship with the victim.

The LAPD also provides traffic collision data; a fee of $23 is charged for these reports as well, and they can be accessed by providing incident details such as the name and addresses of the involved parties, including the victims, vehicle license plate numbers, insurance claim numbers, date and location of the accident, report number and the traffic collision information card.

Requesting personal records of arrests in LA County

To obtain a summary of information on personal arrests in Los Angeles County, you can approach local law enforcement by visiting the Police Administration Building at 100 West 1st St, Room PI-137, Los Angeles, during business hours, Monday to Friday. You will be charged $16 in fees, and the information provided will include the dates of arrests, charges files, and dispositions. However, only details from LA County will be offered by the local police.

You can also request arrest logs through the mail by writing to the Los Angeles Police Department at PO Box 30158, Los Angeles, California 90030. Along with a formal search request, you will need to send in a full set of fingerprints on a standard card, a personal mailing address, and a check or money order for $16.

For information on arrests that occurred outside the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County, it would be more appropriate to seek information from the California Department of Justice by calling on 916-227-3822. The Federal Bureau of Investigation can help with nationwide arrest records. To get in touch with them, you can contact the agency on 304-625-2222

How can members of the public Access arrest records from LA County?

If you are not an authorized employer or an individual directly involved in the criminal act, the only way to seek arrest records in the state is through a third-party provider. You will need to use a reliable and extensive database maintained by a private provider of arrest records from LA County.

How can an immigrant Access arrest records from LA County?

As an immigrant, you can access public records, including arrest records, in LA County. Here’s how you can do it:

Go to the LA County Sheriff’s Department website at and click the “Records and Identification Bureau” link.

  1. Select the “Records and Reports” option from the menu, then choose “Arrest Records” from the list.
  2. Download and fill out the “Arrest Record Request” form. You will need to provide your personal information, such as your name, address, and contact information, as well as the name of the individual you are trying to locate.
  3. You will also need to pay a fee for the records search. The fee is currently $23 per name searched. You have the option of paying with either a money order or a credit card.
  4. Submit the completed form and fee to the LA County Sheriff’s Department Records and Identification Bureau. You can mail the form and fee or drop it off in person.
  5. Wait for the records search to be completed. The Sheriff’s Department will notify you of the results of the search. If there are records, you can request copies for an additional fee.

Certain records, such as those related to ongoing investigations or cases involving juveniles, may be restricted or confidential. If you have any questions about accessing arrest records, you can contact the LA County Sheriff’s Department Records and Identification Bureau for assistance.