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LA County criminal court records refer to a range of information about matters brought before the local tribunal in criminal cases. Records can be accessed from circuit, city as well as superior courts provided the applicant has precise details on the case number and the name of the defendant. The court records are held at various locations depending on when the matter was presented before the judiciary.

If you are the victim of a crime or were accused in a criminal matter that went to court, all legal documents that you hold about the case will have a unique number listed on it. However, if you don’t have this information you can always find it from the online service of the LA Superior Court.

Getting information on LA County criminal records from the website of the superior court

The index of defendants in criminal matters brought before the judiciary of LA County is available at To access these electronic records, the applicant will have to pay a nominal fee of about $5. The search is instantaneous and the details offered include:

  • The case number
  • The courthouse where the case was filed
  • Filing date
  • Count
  • Charge section
  • Charge statute
  • Disposition
  • Disposition date

Armed with this information, you can approach one of the judicial centers for additional information on a criminal matter.

Accessing in depth La County court records

Once you have conducted an online search to determine where the criminal or civil matter was heard in Los Angeles County, it will become easier to find the appropriate records holding facility where you can get details pertaining to the case. If the matter was brought before the court more than 5 years ago, records pertaining to it will be held at the Archives and Records Center located at 222 N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012.

Like all other law enforcement and judicial agencies that offer information on criminal history and court cases, this agency does not entertain phone orders. For civil cases heard by the Stanley Mosk Courthouse post 1999, you can conduct an online search at

If you are looking for data from the tribunals in the central district or matters that occurred in the area, you can visit the certification section at Rm. 112 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111    N. Hill St., Los Angeles. Although you can call them at 213-974-5192 for information pertaining to the search procedure, they will not disseminate court records over the phone.

Old Criminal and civil court records from LA County

In case of civil cases that were filed prior to 1965, you will have to speak to the civil clerk by calling on 213-974-1378. However, if you are looking for records in matters that were filed post 1965, you will have to dial 213-974-5171 to reach the appropriate division of the office of the civil index clerk. If the search takes more than 10 minutes, the applicant will have to pay a $15 fee for it.

For criminal matters that were filed before 1956, records can be accessed through the Archives and Records Center at 222 N. Hill St (complete address given above). On the other hand, information pertaining to matters filed after 1957 is held at the Criminal Justice Center at 210 W. Temple St, Rm. M-6, Los Angeles 90012. You may not find details pertaining to misdemeanor cases as California Law allows for the destruction of records in such matters after a period of 5 years.

Getting information on court records through the office of the LA County clerk of court

The county clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining records of all case proceedings including the issue of warrants in a matter, charges filed, case disposition, sentencing, etc; these records are collectively known as the court dockets. In fact the office of the county clerk not only prepares and maintains court dockets in criminal cases but also civil matters.

To access court records through this judicial division, you will have to visit their office in person. They are located at 2nd Floor, Room 2207, Norwalk, California 90650. You can also get in touch with the agency by calling on 310-462-2133. However, a request for court records will only be entertained when made in person.